MOHR Cloud based HR system
  • MOHR is a cloud-based Human Resources Management System HRMS.
  • MOHR includes more than 20 modules that serves different functions inside the Human Resources department
  • MOHR is an HR software that serves different market segment and different organization sizes.
  • MOHR is an HR solution designed to meet the cultural requirement of the workplace in the middle east and Africa along with the governmental requirements

We Are Different

We understand work environment challenges and we help you dealing successfully with it.

We do not offer systems only; we offer best practices in HR automation.

We discover the areas of strength and weakness in your team and help you develop it.

We provide smart, intelligent, and unique solutions and employ experiences and scientific researches in HR management.

Press Release

Microsoft talks about us.

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

by Marketplace Rewards Team

Microsoft team has interviewed one of our customers in Egypt as part of the product validation process. ….

Read the full story on Microsoft blog.

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