MOHR Mobile time and Attendance app

Mobile Attendance

MOHR Mobile-Based time and attendance app helps organizations in managing their attendance operation hassle free. Many challenges such as

  • Attendance in remote locations (outside office building) such as construction locations.
  • Attendance verification.
  • The time and cost consumed in attendance operation management.

They are all resolved now and in an elegant and effective way through MOHR Mobile-based time and attendance application.

MOHR mobile attendance verifies attendance of each employees by location and face recognition. Each employee has a set of attendance locations (could be more than one) where he should attend. The mobile will allow the attendance only when the employee reaches the location and then will verify his face. This is sometimes referred as geofencing attendance.

MOHR mobile-based attendance has Four different scenarios for attendance:

Selfie attendance:

Each employee has the MOHR attendance app installed on his mobile phone and he use it to make attendance. Once the employee reaches one of his work locations assigned to him, he opens the attendance application and make check in. The attendance application will then verify his face and let him check in.

Group Selfie-attendance:

Some employees such as blue collars may not have smart phones. A team lead, supervisor or a manager will be given the privilege to make attendance for himself and for other employees through a selfie picture.

MOHR mobile attendance app will then show a list of faces recognized.

Group attendance

Same as group selfie-attendance except that the team lead or the manager will use the rear camera to verify the employees instead of front camera.

Mobile as voice-enabled attendance machine

You can use a mobile, tablet or smart TV as an attendance machine using voice orders. No need to touch the mobile or the tablet, just speak to it. Ask the mobile or the tablet to make the attendance transaction and it will respond.

MOHR mobile time and attendance is used by thousands of employees across several countries in the Middle-East and is seamlessly integrated with MOHR attendance and time shift module to achieve effective and optimized attendance operations.

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