3 Major Challenges For Labor Intensive Companies

This is a 5-page study conducted by MOHR’s customer success team, based on its experiences with dozens of labor-intensive companies in the Middle East. Companies with employees ranging from 300 to 6000 employees. The sectors of these companies varied between education, trade, retail, security services, manufacturing and others.

The study discusses 3 major challenges that were common to all these entities, challenges that usually a result of the rapid growth, or growth in the absence of a human resources strategy and plan.

The study deals with the following topics:

  • Types of companies and their classification according to the number of their employees.
  • Bersin's model of human resource maturity.
  • Administrative priorities for senior management in companies.
  • The 3 most important management challenges that are common in all labor-intensive companies MOHR team dealt with.
  • Practical approach to deal with these challenges.