Who we are

MOHR is an (American – Egyptian) company, Initially founded in 2003 as MOVE-IT, providing digital transformation solutions in the middle east and Europe. We had many successful digital transformation projects with governments in the MENA region such as Egypt, KSA and Oman. We also had many software engineering research projects with European corporates such as Airbus and Nokia-Siemens. We also had many scientific publications in many international conferences in the software engineering field.

In 2011 we decided to focus on cloud applications, and we had our first beta and light version of MOHR. It was our first multi-tenant architecture that allows us to utilize the cloud resource and get full benefit of the SaaS model.

In 2015 we decided to focus only on MOHR. We had a plan to build cloud-based platform for HR applications and services. As a result, we engaged with a lot of HR experts and HR consultants to support us in our vision and roadmap. In 2017, our sales team penetrated the Saudi and Egyptian market.

We provide HR innovative solutions with disruptive features that covers many verticals and solve real pains.

Our Vision:

supporting organizations and corporates in developing their Human capital by providing tools and best practices in Human Resources Management. And becoming –not only- a technology company but also a think tank in HR development best practices.

Our Mission:

  • Build a unique, disruptive and innovative HR management solutions.
  • Integrate and Cooperate with other technology solutions that complement us.
  • Providing best practices in HR digital transformation.
  • Community contribution in supporting institutions scientifically, consultatively and technically to build institutional culture.

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