Successful and ambitious companies usually starts as an idea by two or more founders. MOHR is one of MOVE-IT projects, Which is a US based company founded by Hesham Eladawy and Mustafa Gamal. Who are two software geeks living between USA and Egypt. Hesham and Mustafa were college mate before they became business partners. MOVE-IT is now a well funded company with customers in more than 12 countries. By end of 2018 we are planning to be traded in TORONTO stock market. MOHR tells the story of our company. We wanted to have a well organized firm from day one. This was not easy and was even expensive at that time. We were missing cloud application that provides you a working environment in a short time with no much investment. Now cloud applications are widely spread worldwide, but still not in the Arabian market. MOHR mission is to help small and medium enterprises and startups in the middle east and Africa. We help them organize their business and monitor it. We keep them organized from day one with no much cost. To accomplish our mission we have secured a good investment by a lot of smart investors in USA, Dubai, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. We also have a good working team between USA, Egypt and Arabian gulf countries. We have a promising product strategy and road map for MOHR to keep our customers happy and satisfied.

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Hesham Mohamed Eladadwy
Mustafa Mohamed Gamal
SW architect
(the genius guy)