Strategic Partners | Wowdesk

Wowdesk is AI-driven omnichannel SaaS and on-premise help desk software allowing businesses of all sizes deliver WOW customer experience, establish long-term customer profitability, and improve the overall support operation performance and efficiency.

Wowdesk records, tracks, effectively manages service requests and streamlines the resolution process through its intuitive user interface, powerful workflow engine, smart automations, ticketing management, self-service portal, collaboration tools, and advanced reporting/analytics.

Wowdesk can be easily configured to provide the following solutions:

Internal help desk/Service desk
Email ticketing and ticketing solution
HR help desk ticketing
Customer and Technical Support
Case management
Facilities management
Complaints Management
Issue Tracking
Field service management
Task and workflow management
Survey and Feedback management
Social media customer service

Wowdesk is integrated with MOHR to support:

productivity and remote work
Field service management and professional services compensation and incentives

Employees can track their task boards on wowdesk. Time sheets can then be transferred to MOHR to calculate payroll.
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